Enamel Small Wood Stove, Small Wood Stove

The Classic Small Wood Stove is perfect for smaller spaces. It's compact footprint does not disappoint in heating capacity; burning efficiently, and extracting all the heat possible from one load of wood. The firebox is lined with firebricks. The firebox is large and feature see-through glass doors: enjoy the views of the fire.

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The stove is made by METALL in China. METALL is an CHINESE leader in the sector of wood & pellet stoves, it's a state of the art humongous metal working brand with decades of experience in the field of wood stoves. Why choose Us? ☑ Many years Experience. ☑Factory supplier. ☑ BEAT any Competitor's Price. ☑ Friendly & Responsive Customer Service Team.
Specification Wood Stove
Fuel Wood
Heating Capacity Up to 100 square meters
Stove Material Cold Rolled Steel plate
Inside Oven Material GI plate
Surface Coating Enamel
Produce time 7 days
Advantage Save space, small ,suitable indoor use
Inside Brick Refractory brick
Door Fire-resistant glass door
Type Classic
Several Types of Wood Stoves: 1. Classic Wood stoves: It can heat a room or house by burning wood.  You couldn't  use them to cook food. 2. Wood stove with hotplate: it can heat a room or house by burning wood.  You can use the top of the wood heat stove to cook anything. even if they weren't specifically designed for it.  It normally with several large enough flat surface hotplates on top to  to heating water or cook meal. 3. Wood cook stoves with oven: It can be installed in the kitchen primarily for cooking food with wood, although it also heats the room.  It normally includes a built in oven for baking, as sometimes has a reservoir for heating water.How to use Wood stove to cook: 1. You can use the top or oven to cook anything you need. 2. You can’t turn a knob to adjust the flames, so you need to learn other ways to control the temperature. 3. Find the  Cooking place:  some on the top plate, some have the oven. 4. Installed, the chimney directly out of the top . The round plate where the chimney used to  out of the stove turned out to be our cook place.We can be boiled or fried, if our fire is hot enough, while anything we place farther away from it will cook more slowly. 5. Fire: If you want to cook more quickly, using several thinner logs in the firebox.  The thinner logs burn faster so give off more heat. Start a fire in the firebox. Use small kindling size logs. Quality of wood is critical to a successful fire. When starting a fire you need all the air you can get, for this reason: all air controls and chimney damper should be fully open and the bypass damper should be closed - smoke should be bypassing the baking oven, not going around it. 6. Preheating Pans: Preheat your pan on top of the stove. Pans with thinner walls, like enamel, will heat up more quickly and cook food faster. 7. Rotate the Food: you may need to stir the food in the pan more often, or turn the pan periodically to get everything done evenly. Timing:  How fast food cooks will depending on how hot your fire is. Keep a closer watch on your food until you get used to how your stove works.

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